Probate and Estate Administration

Winding Up the Affairs of Your Loved Ones

If you have been named executor, administrator or personal representative of the estate of a loved one, or are the surviving spouse or adult child of someone who has passed away, an experienced lawyer can help you efficiently complete the probate process and settle the estate. Probate can be complicated. An attorney who knows the laws and procedures, one who has helped others in similar circumstances, can keep the process on track and moving toward settling the estate.

At the Law Offices of Naiman & Naiman, P.A., in Baltimore, Maryland, we have provided comprehensive counsel to individuals and families in probate matters for nearly a quarter of a century. We built our practice on a commitment to personal service, providing sound legal advice in a friendly and comfortable setting. We take care of the details for you so that you can focus on the big picture.

For a private meeting, contact our office or call us at 410-504-1113 (toll-free at 877-811-1385).

Our Probate and Estate Administration Practice

We handle all matters related to the probate process, preparing and filing all documents required to settle an estate, and acting as your advocate in any hearings or proceedings throughout the process. We will help you:

  • Obtain a valuation of estate property, if necessary.
  • Prepare and submit all probate documentation to the Orphans’ Court and Register of Wills.
  • Prepare and file all state and federal estate tax returns.
  • Re-title property, such as real estate, to distribute according to the terms of a will.
  • Advise you regarding the distribution of retirement accounts in the estate, such as IRAs, 401(k)s and qualified annuities.
  • Satisfy any final debts of the estate.
  • Oversee the orderly distribution of property under the terms of the will.

Both of our attorneys bring considerable financial experience to probate and estate administration. Eleanor Naiman is also licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA); Christopher Miller worked for several years in the financial services industry. We put our experience to use in efficiently and effectively settling probate estates.

Our Trust Administration Practice

We also work with trustees to help you fulfill your obligations under the trust. This includes assisting with any required or requested trust accountings and the preparation of trust tax returns. We will also help you comply with the terms of the trust and with any other fiduciary obligations under the law.

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To schedule a confidential consultation, contact us or call us at 410-504-1113 (toll-free at 877-811-1385). Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request. Our offices are located just one half mile inside the Baltimore beltway. If you are unable to travel because you are in the hospital, nursing home, or are homebound, we will come to a place that is convenient for you.