Commercial Transactions

Making Selling Your Business Easy

Whether you choose to move on from your business or are looking to sell your ownership as part of your estate plan, selling your business in Maryland can be a tedious task to go through on your own. The Law Offices of Naiman & Naiman, P.A., works with entrepreneurs and business owners to help facilitate this process, so you can worry less about the details and more about the bigger picture for you and your family.

We take a thorough approach to all commercial matters, ensuring that your interests are protected when you sell your business. We handle all paperwork and legal matters involved with the transfer of ownership, so you can get the most from your business without the hassle.

When selling your business is part of your overall estate plan, we can help you determine how that money is allocated and distributed. The benefits of having both an estate lawyer and a business attorney are significant — and as a certified public accountant (CPA), attorney Eleanor Naiman can help you through the tax implications of your sale as well.

Reviewing, Drafting and Negotiating Contracts

A large part of your business’s sale is the contract. We have worked on behalf of numerous business owners on a variety of contracts and can help ensure that the terms protect your best interests. We will take great care to work through all the details — reviewing and negotiating the terms until they meet your needs.

If you are looking to sell your business, contact our firm to get started and discuss your options. Call 410-504-1113 or reach out online to schedule a confidential consultation.

Commercial Transactions