Elder Law

Planning for Long-Term Care for You and Your Spouse

Waiting until you need a care facility to find one can put unneeded stress on you and your family. At our firm, we can help you explore the variety of policies and facilities available to you, so you can get the care you need when you need it — without the worry.

Our goal is to help you through the details of your care plan so you can live the rest of your life with peace of mind. Whether you are planning for your own care or the care of a spouse or another family member in Maryland, we can help you through your time of need.

Avoid Dipping Into Your Hard-Earned Assets

The goal of our long-term care planning services is to ensure that you are cared for and treated well, without having to burn through all of your assets in the process. Without proper planning, you may spend all of your money caring for one spouse — leaving the other without any security. You may also dip into your estate and the inheritance you set aside for your children.

Proper care planning takes into account your current assets and estate plan to develop a strategy that best meets all of your goals. Our lawyers will help ensure that your hard-earned assets are secure, so your family is secure in the future.

A Variety of Tools for Your Family’s Security

Several options are available to Maryland families when planning for long-term care. A popular option is Medicaid planning, so you can receive as much government assistance as you are entitled to. In addition, we can help you plan for any powers of attorney or guardianships to ensure that your financial decisions are made in your best interests.

Get started today with a confidential consultation. We can evaluate your options and help set up a personalized long-term care plan that best suits your needs. Call 410-504-1113 or contact our attorneys online for more.